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Local Arrangements

Questions about the local arrangements?  Email Bernie at or call the RCSB PDB at 848 445 0103.


Rooms have been booked for attendees at the


Hyatt Regency New Brunswick
Two Albany Street
New Brunswick, New Jersey, USA 08901
Tel: +1 732 873 1234 Fax: +1 732 873 1382


Rooms have been booked as a business package, which includes breakfast and internet. Breakfast will not be available on campus.


Transportation to the RCSB PDB/Rutgers Proteomics


The Hyatt Shuttle will depart for Proteomics at 8:30am.


Directions to Proteomics are online.




Panico's Restaurant at 6:00pm (103 Church Street).


The restaurant is within walking distance of the hotel.