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Agenda 2017


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Meeting Agenda - 2017 Meeting of the Small Angle Scattering Validation Task Force

1.    Welcome and Introductions

2.    Review of recent communications, activities and plans for 2017

3.    Reporting on and deposition of SAS data and models

download Manuscript-v.1.0.12     Supplemental-v.1.0.12

a.    Is the discussion of methods for assessing quality of fit for models (including χ-2, variations of χ-2, CorMap) adequate? Which among the potential reportable parameters can be agreed?
b.    Discussion of resolution in the context of SAS data and reporting recommendations.
c.    Other issues?
d.    Does the manuscript adequately cover all that is needed to answer the wwPDB leadership request as outlined in their letter of 18 February? If not, what more is needed?

4.    Where should we publish our recommendations once finalised?

a.    Acta D was proposed for the current manuscript based on the fact that it is a follow up to the preliminary guidelines from 2012, will have strong support from the editor (Ted Baker), is also of an appropriate length and structure, and likely would be open access by virtue of the subject matter (to be checked).
b.    The wwPDB task forces traditionally have published their findings in Structure. If we agree to a, should we consider a short summary commentary for Structure?

5.    Discussion of topics for potential sub-group activities:

a.    Model scattering profiles from pdb coordinates
This area is a matter of continued research. An expert sub-group could look into this area in detail with a subset of well-known, robust, globular proteins with complete crystal structures and for which high quality SAXS data are available. It would be of significant value in understanding the uncertainties in the context of hybrid structural modelling and provides an important foundation for potential recommendations from this group.  

6.    Validation of models based on combined analysis of NMR and SAXS data.

a.    Members of the wwPDB NMR task force is meeting in New Hampshire Friday June 16, at the Grand Summit Hotel at Sunday River, Newby Maine (GRC on Computational Aspects of Biomolecular NMR) and have tentatively put on this topic on their agenda. Can anyone from this group attend?
b.    Shall we agree to provide the draft manuscript to the NMR task force?
c.    How shall we manage future interactions with the NMR task force as NMR-SAXS hybrid modelling continues to grow and topic 4a above continues to develop?
d.    If the subgroup suggested in 4a is established, should we recruit one or two NMR colleagues?

7.    Other business