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Connection details


The meeting will be conducted using WebEx (


Click on the above image to join the meeting.

Or if you already have the WebEx Client, you can enter the meeting number below.



Access Information

Where:   WebEx Online
Meeting number:   199 052 400
Password:   This meeting does not require a password.


Audio: You can connect to the WebeX meeting in one of two ways: 

1. Click on the "Call using Computer" icon, and when correctly connection, this icon will appear.


2. Call into the meeting using our BT phone conferencing system

call in by phone using our BT phone conferencing system:

            1. Call the appropriate phone number below
            2. Enter the passcode 32409260#
            3. Give your name at the beep

Table of local connect numbers:      

Country Local phone number
  United States   800-868-1123
  United Kingdom   080 0032 6469
  Germany   08007 243810
  Japan   0120001425
  Switzerland   080 011 10 51
  France   08 00 94 63 74
  Israel   1809315245

The full list of phone numbers can be found at

If you have any further questions, or if you would like to test your connection to us in advance of the meeting (recommended), please reach out to me (


For technical issues, please message us in the chat window, or please call/text Maggie Gabanyi at 01-732-412-4611 or Ken Dalenberg 01-609-468-2811

We plan on having a backup audio connection.  Details forthcoming.